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Arshine Lifescience has established long-term and stable partnerships with multiple high-quality suppliers, ensuring the stability of the product supply chain and competitive prices. In terms of quality, we implement stringent control mechanisms in place to guarantee the delivery of high-quality products with excellent value for our customers. Our hero products in this category include potent antibiotics such as Doxycycline hyclate, Amoxicillin, and Florfenicol.
NoProduct NameStandardCertificationCAS No.
1AlbendazoleCP2005, USP30GMP/DMF54965-21-8
2Amoxicillin trihydrateBP/EP/USPGMP/DMF26787-78-0
3Colsitin sulphateEP4,EP8GMP/DMF/COS/CEP1264-72-8
4Doxycycline HCLBP/EP/USPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP24390-14-5
5Enrofloxacin baseCPV/EPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP93106-60-6
7Fosfomcyin sodium/calciumEP/CPGMP26016-99-9
8Gentamycin sulphateBP,EP4,EP8,CPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP/FDA1405-41-0
10Levamisole HCLEP6,BP2010GMP/DMF/COS/CEP16595-80-5
11Lincomycin HCLEP/USP/BPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP/FDA859-18-7
12Neomycin sulphateUSP36、EP8,BPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP/FDA1405-10-3
13Oxytetracycline HCLBP/EPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP73-39-2
14Oxytocin acetateUSP/BP/EP6233-83-6
15Spectinomycin HCL/SulphateEP5/USP33/EP8GMP/DMF/COS/CEP/FDA21736-83-4
16Streptomycin sulphateEP8,BPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP/FDA3810-74-0
17Sulphadimidine base/SodiumBPGMP/DMF1981-58-4
18Tiamulin Hydrogen fumarate98%:EP/USP 80%:INNGMP/DMF55297-96-6
19Tilmicosin phosphateINNGMP/DMF108050-54-0
20Tylosin tartrateBPV/EPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP/FDA74610-55-2
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