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Arshine Lifescience possesses a global supply chain network, enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of veterinary pharmaceutical raw materials to a wide array of animal healthcare companies. Our product line caters to various animal species and diverse treatment needs. Covering a wide spectrum of veterinary treatment areas, our veterinary pharmaceutical raw materials include products for anti-infection, anthelmintic, nutritional supplements, and more.
NoProduct NameStandardCertificationCAS No.
1Acetylisovaleryl tylosin tartrateCPVGMP63428-13-7
2AlbendazoleCP2005, USP30GMP/DMF54965-21-8
3Amantadine HydrochlorideUSPGMP/DMF665-66-7
4Amikacin sulphateUSP40GMP39831-55-5
5AmitrazINNPesticide certificate33089-61-1
6Amoxicillin trihydrateBP/EP/USPGMP/DMF61336-70-7
7Amprolium hclBP2010GMP.DMF.FDA137-88-2
8Apramycin sulfateBPGMP/DMF65710-07-8
10Bacitracin ZincEP6 40IU/MG or 60IU/MGGMP/DMF/COS/CEP/FDA1405-89-6
11Boldenone undecylenateIN-HOUSE13103-34-9
12Buserelin Acetate68630-75-1
13Butaphosphan 99%INN INJ. GRADE17316-67-5
14Calcium gluconateBPGMP299-28-5
17Cefquinome sulfateSterile/non-SterileGMP118443-89-3
18Ceftiofur sodiumLyophilized/Crystalline SterileGMP104010-37-9
19Chlortetracycline HCLEPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP/FDA64-72-2
20Ciprofloxacin BaseUSP/INN85721-33-1
21Ciprofloxacin HclUSP/EPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP93107-08-5
22Ciprofloxacin LactateCPV/INNGMP/DMF97867-33-9
23ClopidolINN CPVGMP113665-84-2
24Cloprostenol SodiumIN-HOUSE55028-72-3
27Colistin SulphateEP4/EP8GMP/DMF/COS/CEP1264-72-8
28CypermethrinINNPesticide certificate52315-07-8
29decamethrinINNPesticide certificate52918-63-5
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