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Arshine Lifescience specializes in exporting veterinary pharmaceutical raw materials, including ingredients used in disease prevention, treatment, and healthcare for animals such as chickens, pigs, cattle, sheep, aquatic animals, and pets in the breeding industry. With years of procurement experience, our group has established strong partnerships with multiple manufacturing enterprises worldwide, carefully selecting suppliers of high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients from around the world. Our product line includes veterinary APls, vitamins, excipients, pesticides, and finished products, catering to the comprehensive purchasing needs of our customers.

NoProduct NameStandardCertificationCAS No.
5Oxolinic AcidPOWDERINN
6Oxytetracycline BaseBP/USP/EPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP/FDA79-57-2
7Oxytetracycline HCLBP/EPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP73-39-2
8Oxytetracycline HclBP/EPGMP/DMF/COS/CEP2058-46-0
9Oxytocin acetateUSP/BP/EP6233-83-6
10Oxytocin AcetateUSP/BP/EP50-56-6
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